Are you apologizing for joy?

In Inspirations by Laura

I had to call a government office recently to see if I could reschedule jury duty. When they answered the phone it took them a moment to say hello because they were laughing so hard at something that was going on in the office around them. It truly sounded like a wonderful party was going on. When I asked her why all the laughter, she apologized and said there was a party for someone.

For me, there were two things wrong on the start of that call. One, there was laughter at the county clerk’s office and two, she apologized for her joy! I promptly told her to never apologize for her joy because it does not happen frequently enough in anyone’s day and just hearing her joy brightened my day considerably.

It got me thinking though. How often am I apologizing for my joy? Covering my mouth when I laugh or trying to hide my good mood because I know someone around me is having a bad day? How about you?

Today, let’s make a commitment to never apologize for our joy. We need to let joy shine and perhaps it will shift someone else’s day! Are you in? Let me know by replying to this post with a big smile!