Are you interested in information or transformation?

In Inspirations by Laura

I spend a lot of time reading business and life transformation books and regularly attend seminars with some of the top experts in their fields to increase my knowledge to improve my life and my business. At times, I leave those events on fire to make changes in my life and business but something happens when I get home or back to work. The daily realities seem to push all the insights learned to the background and just never seem to get put into action. Does this sound familiar?

How many times have you been to an event and written down a laundry list of “brilliant” insights you were ready to implement and then forgot about? Each time you read a book or attend an event you say, “This time it will be different” but you never seem to change anything?

Ask yourself, “Am I interested in information or in transformation?” BEFORE you go or BEFORE you start reading that latest business or self-help book.

If you answered information, that is good. Go into the effort with the knowledge that you just want to gather information and learn. Sometimes we just need to gather information and when we are ready we can transform.  It may change after you are there but this gives you the freedom to just enjoy the knowledge transfer.

If you answered transformation, that is good too. Set some goals, write them down, and post them in a highly visible location, for when you get back or as you are reading the book. Allocate some time and engage friends or staff in helping to achieve that transformation goal you have. Set up an accountability partner to keep you focused since it is easier to change when others are there to support you.

All true and deep change comes from within but I have always found the ones that stick are the ones that I write down and speak out loud. I am interested in transformation. In the end, information has always lead to my deepest transformations. How about you? Let me know!