Breaking Rules, Creating Success and Taking Care of Customers – Dan Keldsen

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Want to create a new product or service? Wonder if you need to know the rules first? Do you need to? Or can you just carve your own path, create your own market and thumb your nose at those who follow the rules?

My guest on this episode is Dan Keldsen, co-Founder of PlexiCam, a new way to position your webcam. He is also the co-Founder of, a virtual events as a service company. On this episode we talk about creating a product without knowing all the rules and why customer service is the key to expanding your reach.

I loved this conversation with Dan for many reasons. Dan had never thought about whether he followed rules, broke rules or defined the rules. He just knew there was a problem and set out to create a non-tech way to solve the oh so frustrating issue of webcam placement and eye contact when on video calls and giving video presentations.

Dan Keldsen is currently Co-founder of two startups,, the 21st Century Tripod and Teleprompter alternative and, the virtual-events-as-a-service company.

If your organization wants the high-touch, high customer-experience that you would normally get from an upscale, hotel-based day or more event, and are tired of the endless parade of walls of bored participants from webinars and traditional virtual event solutions, Veventaas lets you focus on YOUR business, and takes away the pain of the details behind-the-scenes and in front of the curtain to make your brand promise shine rather than suffer through a virtual event. It’s a high gloss, high touch experience, without the cost of a traditional Hollywood-style production team.

Dan is also the Co-Author of the 2014 Best-Seller, The Gen Z Effect, which focuses on what we can learn from each other, regardless of age, and why the far healthier approach to life is to see what we ALL bring to any situation, whether it’s business, education, politics, you name it.

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