Superman, Legos, Marketing and Laughter – James Adam

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Marketing does not have to be complicated or complex. It does need to stir the emotions and open the wallets of your prospective clients though. It also doesn’t have to be all things to everyone.

Picking your ideal client and platform are just two aspects of a marketing strategy. James Adam of Thirty-Three Percent wants business owners to find their voice, and have a bit of fun, while growing their business with marketing. He also wants us all to make sure we understand our Why. He recently realized his had changed and pivoted his business.

We also talk about Superman, Zach Snyder, Legos and how all of that can help you figure out your why and your strategy.

Since getting his start in retail over 20 years ago, James has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes with their marketing campaigns, including brands like The North Face, Hasbro and JCB. In 2009 James started Cunning Plan, a full-service marketing agency with a focus on destinations, hospitality, leisure and retail.

In 2020, James took the decision to scale back his agency to get back to the work he loves, founding Thirty Three Percent, a business focused on working closely with smaller businesses and helping them take control of their marketing. James believes that marketing can be simple and incredibly effective when not overcomplicated with jargon and buzzwords and helps clients achieve this with his Ruthlessly Efficient Marketing Method.

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