Strokes, Healing, Caregiving and Defining Normal – Marcia Moran

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Stroke. The word evokes fear to mostly everyone who hears the word. For those who have lived it themselves, or have taken care of those who have had a stroke it means a change to potentially everything you knew as normal.

My guest is Marcia Moran, a stroke survivor who has made it her mission to advocate for those who have had a stroke and help those who care for them.

On this episode we discuss her journey from stroke patient to advocate. She shares her story of how her life changed in an instant and the critical things you need to know in case it happens to you or a loved one.

Marcia Moran has written over fifty business plans, and helped entrepreneurs strategize over how to differentiate their companies in changing environments. Her experience led her to found her own firm, Performance Architect in 2012.  She also co-founded Positive Business DC, an organization designed to increase well-being in the workforce in 2012.

After suffering a major stroke in 2014, Marcia applied her skills in planning and strategy as she strived to become whole. She never gave up. Over time she learned to walk again, but Marcia struggled with aphasia, a language disorder.

Marcia lives with her husband Jim, two very loud cats, and two birds near Washington, DC. On weekends, Marcia, Jim, and the cats go to Deep Creek, Maryland where Marcia paints watercolors. In the evening Marcia and Jim sit out on the deck and watch fireflies flit by.

Marcia holds a B.S. in Political Science with a magna cum laude from the University of North Dakota and a Master’s in Business Administration, from Chapman University in California. She attended Skirinssal Folkehoyskole in Sandefjord, Norway and studied art. She also earned a certificate in Well-being Foundations of Personal Transformation from the Personal Transformation and Courage Institute in Virginia. She volunteers at Brain Injury Services, supporting their Speakers Bureau program.

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