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Harry Brelsford says cannabis is no longer a dirty word and is an industry desperate for your business to help them run their business. It is the Wild Wild West all over again and they need help with all aspects of their business yet so many do not want to help them.

So how can you safely and successfully do business with those who are licensed to sell medical cannabis all while getting a piece of the multi-billion dollar new industry?

Enter Harry Brelsford. His latest book is designed to help those in the tech industry, mostly Managed Service Providers (MSP), learn the ins and outs and governmental challenges of this unique and growing business sector but it also can help any business learn what to do to enter as a service provider.

Take a listen as Harry shares insights from two plus years of research and doing business with the legal cannabis industry. Why start from scratch when someone has laid out the foundation for you?!

Two years of specific vertical research has resulted in this, Harry Brelsford’s 21st book, plus numerous YouTube presentations and blogs/articles. An investor/entrepreneur in the Seattle Miracle era in tech, Brelsford shares his knowledge by sending the elevator back down in a “go giver” mentality that is part of his living theology.

Best known as the CEO and founder of SMB Nation, Brelsford taught 12+ years at Seattle Pacific University and Central Washington University. Much of his business and technology acumen derives from global outreach to 45-countries including EMEA, APAC, LATAM, NORAM and India.

In addition to six major certifications (MCT, MCSE, et. al.), Brelsford holds the following degrees: BSBA, MBA, PhD-Letters and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Learn more about Brelsford’s qualifications, experience and published works via his LinkedIn profile¬†HERE.

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