Functional Medicine at Home

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Dr Lee Funk completed medical school, chiropractic school, acupuncture school and is also a doctor of oriental medicine. He also has a few other modalities and licenses under his belt. Why has he chosen to move from a a more traditional approach to medicine from the western viewpoint to a more whole body holistic and functional/integrative approach? His patients and his own health.

Over the course of his career, and his life, he has learned that just one way of looking at things doesn’t always get the job done. He has learned to ask better questions of himself and his patients so he can best help them heal and get out of pain.

Take a listen as he shares his medical journey, some thoughts on how you can improve your health and what the kind of relationship you need to be having with your doctor and yourself to improve your health.

 Dr. Lee Funk is a Board-Certified Diplomate in Acupuncture licensed in the State of Florida as a Doctor of Acupuncture since 2005.   He graduated from the University of Science, Arts and Technology Medical School, served as a paramedic for 10 years and was a licensed Chiropractor for 28 years.  It has always been the purpose of his life to bring pain relief to suffering people and believes that God has called me to be a Healer to the Hurting.


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