Changing a business from in person to virtual – Lisa Cummings

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Lisa Cummings has been a road warrior her whole career as the leading consulting firm for helping businesses Lead With Strength using the Strength Finder model. Most of her year was spent travelling to and from clients to run live workshops. One day she asked herself, “Can I do what I do without all the travel?”

Two years after she asked herself that question her business went from 80 percent travel to 20 percent travel with no loss of revenue.

How did she do that? Can you do that too?

Take a listen as Lisa Cummings share how she transformed her business without changing the impact her work has on her clients.

We also take about how you can find and use your strengths to create and transform your business too.

Lisa Cummings has delivered events to over 11,500 people in 14 countries. In her signature program, Notice What Works, she helps leaders improve performance on their teams by tapping into each person’s strengths. You can see her featured in places like Harvard Business Publishing, Training Magazine, and Forbes.

She’s currently the CEO of a company called Lead Through Strengths. If you’ve been trying to turn your Shaquille O’Neal players into horse racing jockeys, it’s time to use their natural talents instead. Although that example sounds obvious, this misfit dynamic exists on most corporate teams today.

With 20 years of experience and an MBA, the most persistent trend she sees is a lopsided focus on hard skills in the workplace. She’ll help you invest in natural talents so that how your team gets things done boosts performance as much as what gets done

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