Culturegraphics vs Demographics

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Ashlyn Szilva says that demographics are no more when it comes to selling and marketing to your clients. If you are not thinking about culturegraphics then you are missing out on clients.

If you want to do business in the world today you have to be able to move fast and respond to, and capitalize on, trends on a daily basis.  Convenience is key to marketing to more and more people. They want to do business with companies that don’t define them by their traditional demographics of gender, race, income group. They buy based on their likes and current beliefs. Culture, like gender is becoming more fluid.

Watch Twitter and observe the hashtags that are trending and who is using them and you will see that the old ways of doing business just will not survive much longer. A great example is the Oscar win of Parasite over other films thought to be shoe-ins.

Listen to this episode and get a crash course in culturegraphics from Ashlyn Szilva on how and why we should be using culturegraphics versus demographics in more than just our marketing.

Ashlyn Szilva was born and raised in Central New Jersey. There she started her educational career in history while working part time managing social selling campaigns for technology clients. After undergraduate adventures at the University of Maine and Centenary College, Ashlyn accomplished her MA at Drew University in 2015 followed by her Doctorate in 2020. Her specialization was holocaust and genocide studies, photo history, and research methods.

She was a community college professor for two years before formally joining the tech industry as JS Group Director of Research and Digital to apply her unique experience in research methods, analytics and photography to social media and marketing innovation. She manages the social media influence and social selling strategy for over a dozen technology firms big and small and is well known for her ability to create influencers in a digital normal.

Ashlyn often states, “if it isn’t shareable it isn’t real in the digital age”. She resides in Northern New Jersey with her co-worker and partner Vladimir Krause and their loving dog Wrangler and two cats Drogon and Koshka. She loves Game of Thrones, Star Wars, video games, and social media.

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