Creating a Successful Non-Profit Starts with 4 Paws

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Ted Pankiewicz created For the Love of Paws in 2014 after a devastating loss. Their mission is to help seniors who can no longer take care of their beloved pets. They provide food, to seniors and their pets, care, foster placement and more. That more is where it gets even more interesting. What started as a singular vision has grown as they realized the needs of their clients has expanded.

There are 1.5 million non-profits in the U.S.  According to Forbes 50% will fail or stall within the first few years due to lack of leadership, vision and even funding. So how does Ted Pankiewicz and his family manage to provide over 10,000 pounds of pet food every month. provide supplemental food for home-bound seniors and foster and place pets who have lost their owners?

Take a listen as Ted shares how he created and grows his non-profit, takes care of his beloved community and listen as he shares how you can grow a successful non-profit too.

Ted Pankiewicz was born in New Jersey and served in the military and on police force K9 units. He has had a varied career ever since but is proudest of the creation of For the Love of Paws. For The Love Of Paws was established in June 2014 and received its 501c3 status in February 2015.

Currently providing for 20 Food Pantries including 2 Meals On Wheels routes which was the start of Paws Meals On Wheels Program when it was discovered that many seniors of limited income were feeding their pets before feeding themselves.

Questions: I get most often.  How do I manage to obtain 10,000 pounds of pet food monthly to give away.

For The Love Of Paws Senior Pet Sanctuary Inc  

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