Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

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Michael Einbinder-Schatz has grown a successful technology services business (MSP) for many years now. He has seen the industry change and he helped change it. What does it mean though to be an entrepreneur and what are the characteristics of a successful one? Everyone seems to want to be an entrepreneur but it is a lot of hard work for the entrepreneur and their families.

What does it take to keep your business growing through ups and downs and even a few sideways? yup, stole that line form the title of Michael Sanborn’s powerful book.

In this episode, Michael Einbinder-Schatz shares how he figured out the role he should be playing in his business and the one he shouldn’t; how he keeps his staff engaged and loyal in an industry that has more turnover than Microsoft has updates, and the lesson he learned that keeps him going in a highly competitive industry.

 Michael Einbinder-Schatz brings over 30 years of IT experience, a passion for people and his love of storytelling together in leading his team at Jobecca Technology Group toward the goals of continually improving the client experience (can you say “WOW”?), and providing targeted consultative guidance that produces tangible long-term benefits for Jobecca’s clients.

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