Growth Mindset

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Geoff Nicholson went from wanting to kill himself after a multi-year debilitating illness to helping others change their mindset so they can have the success they have always dreamed of. He says that mental reconditioning creates physical reconditioning and that we all can have the life of our dreams.

We all have those moments when it seems life gives us a choice as to a road we can take. Why do some people seem to always take the correct fork and others seem to keep hitting wall after wall and have a mindset of woe is me? Geoff Nicholson believes it is all due to the self talk we tell ourselves and that we can change that self talk.

During this episode Geoff Nicholson shares the exact steps you can begin taking to change your mindset, think up and change how you, and others, perceive yourself so you can achieve the success of your dreams.

Geoff is the founder of GN Coaching and the creator of Success IQ,an evolutionary system that combines stress management with success and life coaching strategies. His approach assists you in achieving your goals and creating a better integration with your work and lifestyle.

 Geoff Nicholson is passionate about supporting people in overcoming stress and increasing their performance, confidence and supporting them in achieving their biggest goals. In 2007 only a year after his darkest moments, he founded GN Coaching, having been trained by some of the best in personal development, including Jack Canfield America’s number one success coach.

“I am very fortunate to have found my purpose and passion in life. My role is to assist people like you to challenge and support you in creating a vision of what you want to achieve. To set the goals needed to achieve those targets and to support you in creating and living the life you truly desire.” – Geoff

Geoff’s values are simple but core to his work: Authentic, Honest, and Passionate. Oh and, of course, work has to be fun because the more we enjoy what we do the more you increase your chances of success.

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