Conflict Resolution for Everyone

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Conflict resolution seems to be especially difficult around the holidays, well really all the time for most folks. I mean just think what is happening today around business, politics, religion. sexual definition and more. Most parents told us if you want to have an enjoyable meal with someone don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table. With social media and a 24/7/365 news cycle the world is always on the brink of something or other and tensions run high.

My guest, Mari Frank, has spent decades as a lawyer and family law mediator handling some of the toughest conflicts most people will ever encounter.

How does she stay cool under rapidly escalating conflict? how does she diffuse the seemingly unresolvable so that everyone walks away from the table with more ease than when they sat down?

Take a listen as Mari shares how H.A.R.D. L.O.V.E. can convert conflict into collaboration and how it only takes one person to stop a conflict. She also shares how asking yourself, “What do I need to do to be OK letting this go?,” can shift a conflict in an instant.

Mari Frank is an attorney, mediator, author (5 books), professional speaker, professor, and radio host of two shows (since 2005) airing on KUCI 88.9 FM in Irvine CA. For 3 decades, she’s expertly been using her unique “solutioneering” tools to resolve conflicts and transform adversity into opportunity for her clients, and audiences. Unlike a shark, her dolphin approach, gentle yet powerful, transforms disputes between people so they may collaborate and create dynamic relationships. She’s mediated and resolved all types of fights including business lawsuits and divorce.

A healer of conflict, Mari empowers audiences with strategies so they may communicate without turning disagreements into hostility. She’s been a guest on over 300 radio shows, appeared on dozens of television shows and hosted her own PBS TV Special.

As a professional speaker, she’s motivated such companies as American Express. General Electric, Experian, Edward’s Life Sciences, etc. With humorous stories, Mari articulates how to turn adversity into opportunity to create positive relationships. She’ll inspire your audience with the 6 A’s to keep a romantic relationship, and the 5 steps to gain power in any negotiation


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