Creating Joy as a Startup Founder – Hannah Thomson

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How does a woman nowhere close to retirement age create a company that is all about helping people ready to retire? Well Hannah Thomson will tell you all you have to do is know her granny.

Inspiration is all around us. How we act on that separates the successful from the less so successful. Hannah Thomson has learned to act on what she learns from the world around her and founded the highly successful retirement focused company The Joy Club.

Not your usual kind of startup, this one focuses on virtual, AND live events, to inspire retirees or those who want a bit more fun in their lives to grab life with two hands and try something new. With over 5000 members in the UK alone, Hannah is on a mission to empower grandparents, and parents, to live the lives they perhaps put aside as they raised their families or grew their careers.

Take a listen as Hannah shares how her grandmother influenced the creation of The Joy club, what it took, and takes, to make it flourish and her vision for the future.

Hannah Thomson founded The Joy Club in 2019, inspired by her granny’s experience of ageing to focus on inspiring a joyful retirement for all. She previously held key roles in several award-winning startups, including femtech company Elvie where she was Head of Health and Strategic Partnerships.

Hannah has degrees in human rights and business practices in life sciences – and is a graduate of the Oxford University Fintech Programme. Her multidisciplinary background reflects her curiosity about the world and her passion to use technology to change it for the better.

When she’s not building The Joy Club, you’ll find Hannah trail running, sailing the high seas or training her Labrador puppy to be the perfect adventure buddy!

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