Customer Service, Tootsie Rolls and World Domination – Mike Faith CEO

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Mike Faith, CEO of shares how he built a business that has become renowned for its fanatical attention to customer service and how he pivoted it to become poised to take over the world of headset design and sales. started out as a discounter of other companies office headsets and now 40% of their business is selling headsets they design and manufacture. They are known for their raving fans and their word of mouth advertising and also for their boxes having tootsie rolls tucked inside.

How did a small discounter become a $30+million dollar company? How did a culture of enhancing the customer experience become a model others try to emulate? How does the CEO live the model and support his employees in having exceptional lives beyond the workplace?

Take a listen as Mike Faith share answers to all those questions and more on this episode.

Mike Faith, CEO and Founder of left school at 15, and after a number of varying jobs with varying success, he decided that his own business gave him the freedom, control, and self-direction he needed, and pursued entrepreneurial ventures. was his third venture, started in 1997.  After 23 years, he claims he’s about half way through his mission of dominating the half a billion a year US headset market.  He’s as passionate about the headset business today as he was when he started.  When Mike isn’t figuring out the headset world, he spends a little bit of time cooking, improving his chess game and reading.

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