Dan Rockwell – Leadership Freak and The Vagrant

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I’ve followed Dan Rockwell for ages. His Blog, Leadership Freak, combines wisdom and insights with lightness, deep thinking and insidious questions that worm their way into your brain and body until you have a breakthrough of thought and action. Now he and his co-author John David Mann have released a parable novel called, The Vagrant. Expect that book to worm its way inside you too and create breakthroughs of thought and self-reflection.

On today’s episode Dan and I sit down and discuss his thoughts on leadership, the birth of his book, self-reflection and how doing that alone can lead to some not great outcomes. We also discuss many other topics over the course of the interview. It was hard to stop.

Let me know what actions you are taking after you listen and don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity to win a free copy of The Vagrant!

DAN ROCKWELL (leadershipfreak.blog) gave his first presentation at the age of sixteen and has been delivering presentations and workshops ever since. Dan’s fascination with leadership led him to launch his Leadership Freak blog in January 2010. Today Leadership Freak is read in virtually every country on the globe, with nearly 500,000 subscribers to its various social media channels. Dan has been named among the “Top Fifty Leadership and Management Experts” and “Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers” by Inc magazine and “Top 30 Leader in Business of 2014” by the American Management Association. His blog has been hailed as “most socially shared leadership blog on the Internet” by Center for Management and Organization Effectiveness.

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