Vered Neta – Things We Do for Love and An Entrepreneurial Journey

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Entrepreneurial journeys rarely go in a straight line. They have detours, divergences and often life outside the work journey impacts thinking, action and final goals. When one journey ends, another might start along the same path or go in a completely different direction.

My guest on this episode is Vered Neta. A multi-hyphenate entrepreneur who has done several successful exits from companies she has created, Vered is now on a new journey that she chose because she wanted a new challenge. When that new path threw up a lot of road blocks, she pivoted and created another successful divergence.

Take a listen as Vered and I discuss her journey, her favorite questions to ask when she gets stuck and how she hopes to help others who caregive for loved ones with Alzheimer’s with her latest book, Things We Do for Love, available wherever books are sold.

Vered Neta has lived in three different countries for the last six decades, so tracing her origins is a thrilling quest. Nowadays, she lives in Tenerife on an off-the-grid finca, creating a self-sustained life for her and her partner while writing her novels and scripts.

Her stories are character-driven dramas, giving voice to the untold stories of women and their triumphs in today’s society. Her mission? To illuminate the world with kindness and positivity, one story at a time.

Vered’s words have touched countless lives through her multiple books on motivation and relationships. Her book “Financial Independence for Women” sold over 50,000 copies.

In 2010, Vered was awarded the TIAW World of Difference Award, an award given to women whose efforts have advanced women’s economic empowerment locally, regionally or worldwide.

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