Entrepreneur Hacks – Richard Tubb

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Life as an entrepreneur needs help and my guest today shares what he has learned building and selling his own successful business and helping others do the same. Based out of the UK, Richard Tubb has built an international business helping MSP’s and other companies build their dream business while having a life.

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur yet everyone seems to want to be one. On this episode Richard Tubb talks productivity, procrastination (yup he admits he is a procrastinator who happens to be highly productive), the secret sauce to grow your busy and what the heck is a cheeky nandos. I really wanted the answer to that last one!

We also touch on some difference between being in business in the UK versus the US and how he learned to take his weakest link and turn it into a secret weapon.

 Richard Tubb is one of the best-known experts within the global IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) community. He launched and sold his own MSP business before creating a leading MSP media and consultancy practice. Richard helps IT business owner’s take back control by freeing up their time and building a business that can run without them. He’s the author of the book “The IT Business Owner’s Survival Guide” and writer of the award-winning blog www.tubblog.co.uk

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