Entrepreneur Master Class – Four Strategies to Become a Sales Magnet

In Entrepreneur Master CLass by Laura


Cold calling. Even the name brings shivers to the best sales people. I never understood the need for it. The number of rejections to the number of sales was always higher than I thought made financial success. So then how do you get new clients to come to you? You become a sales magnet! You attract new business through the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly actions you take to make yourself attractive to them.

Today’s guest has literally written the book on how to become a sales magnet and she has been one of my personal advisors for close to a decade now. Time sure flys! If you want to learn proven strategies to drive customers to you, join us on Entrepreneur Master Class on Wednesday, March 5th at 5pm eastern time as Kendra Lee tells us 4 Strategies to become a sales magnet in your business. 

Named one of the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers by Top Sales World, Top 25 Influential Leaders in Sales by OpenView Partners, and Faculty Chair in Prospecting and Lead Generation for the Sales Training Institute, Kendra Lee is owner-president of KLA Group, a world-class sales consulting and training firm, and she is author of the award-winning books The Sales Magnet and Selling Against the Goal.

Ms. Lee, once a repeat IBM Golden Circle award winner, is a prospecting prodigy and virtual sales magnet who advises and trains mid-market companies to generate leads, prospect, and sell to mid-market companies in innovative ways that break through common sales and prospecting barriers.

Get the book, The Sales Magnet at www.thesalesmagnet.com or on Amazon.com

Website: www.klagroup.com  Call her at 303-741-6636       Twitter @KendraLeeKLA