Episode 28: Bobbi Govanus and Kathleen Peters – How to have a Reinvention Retreat

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Reinventions come in all shapes and sizes but the key to a successful one is in the quiet time you give yourself. With today’s increasingly connected world it can be difficulty to get some uninterrupted quiet, reflective time to unlock the you that is wanting to burst out from inside yourself.

Today, reinventions are not just business ones. They can be physical reinventions, I need one of those, spiritual, financial, relationship and yes, business and career reinventions.  But how do you create a successful one? How do you start figuring what the reinvention means and how to make take root?

Enter my two guests. Experts at reinvention in their own lives and in helping others figure out their own. What I love is they thought outside the box and created an environment to help you dive deep into your own reinvention. Take a listen and let me know what your reinvention looks like! @TheLauraSteward or Laura@LauraSteward.com

After a thirty year career in retail selling everything from socks to stocks, with only a computer and a plan, Bobbi Govanus launched her own small business and soon realized that she had discovered a true niche within the computer training industry.

6 Bobbi quickly grew that business from the basement of her Minnesota home by listening closely to her customers and providing customized computer training and solutions.  The company eventually brokered over one thousand high-caliber computer trainers across the United States and Canada and even served clients as far away as England, Japan, Germany and India.  She grew the company to sales of over twenty million dollars.

In celebration of these and other accomplishments, Entrepreneur Magazine recognized Bobbi Govanus as their “Home-based” Business Owner of the year and Minnesota honored her as their Women in Business Advocate.

In 2013 Bobbi created the Reinvention Retreat at Sea bringing speakers, coaches and authors together to coach and assist attendees who want to make the rest of their life, the best of their life.  Bobbi published her first anthology book in 2014, How to Pilot When We Were Raised to BE Stewardesses, Reinventing your Life with Passion and Purpose.  This book explores the importance of choosing your own destiny no matter what obstacles you must overcome to do so.

Bobbi currently lives near Orlando, FL with her husband Gary.  She can be reached at Bobbi@MrktgMaven.com


headshot Kathleen McCarthy Peters is the owner of KMP Travel, a Cruise Planners/American Express travel agency.  Kathleen’s passion is travel and the performing arts.  She loves helping speakers plan transformational retreats and workshops in awesome destinations!

Kathleen was bitten by the travel bug early! But growing up on military bases was just the start. She went on to work onboard cruise ships as both Cruise Staff & entertainer. Kathleen has also lived and worked abroad in Europe, Mexico and Australia and has over 20 years experience working in the Hospitality and Tourism industries.

Kathleen has successfully transitioned from Ballerina to MBA and from stay-at-home mom to advertising executive.  Her latest chapter is as entrepreneur and business owner where she can combine her love of travel and the arts to plan life-enriching journeys for her clients. Kathleen also believes in giving back by volunteering countless hours to encourage and mentor women making big career changes.  Kathleen believes that if you Love your life now and stay true to your core passion, gifts and talents…you will be led into amazing new opportunities where nothing from your past is wasted.


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