How to Confidently Handle Crazy Hard Things In Life – Colonel Deb Lewis, (Ret.)

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There is a lot of stress in the world today. Some we interpret as good stress and others bad stress. Either way it is stress and it impacts the body and our relationships.

What if you could learn how to change your response to stress? Learn how to have stress not sideline you or your family and business?

Colonel Deb Lewis, (Ret.) has lived a life filled with stressful choices that she chose. Think 1st female graduating class at West Point, commanded in Iraq and responsible for a $2 billion project while there, in the Pentagon on 9/11 working on anti-terrorism projects, taking care of aging parents and many more. Throughout it all she has managed to find her center. A way of “armoring up” herself with different practices that enable her to coast through challenges that bring many to their knees.

Take a listen as Deb shares five things you can do today to shift your response to stress and clarify your priorities. She also has a free offer for two classes she offers, no strings attached. 100% free.

What if you could use stress to your advantage? Colonel Deb’s unique approach guides you to handle even bigger challenges, while building stronger relationships and teams.

Deb Lewis is a West Point graduate from its first class with women. A retired Army Colonel and Harvard MBA, Deb commanded three US Army Corps of Engineer Districts, including a $2.1B reconstruction program in combat. She survived the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11, while serving on the Joint Staff anti-terrorism team. Colonel Deb led while under fire, and her experiences help others become better leaders. Her proven strategies, insights, and tools will arm you with exactly what you need in good times and times of crisis.

After a 34-year military career, Colonel Deb and husband Doug Adams embarked on the Duty, Honor, America Tour in 2010. She drove their RV 26K miles as Doug bicycled 18,067 miles through all 50 states in one year in support of our military, veterans, and families. Today, they work with many non-profits, businesses, and leaders to lift up communities.

Deb’s goal in her own words: “I’ve led thousands in the military to perform at their best under considerable stress and hardship. I want to empower 1 million women and their families to do the same.”


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