Igniting Brilliance with Lisa Marie Jenkins

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It can be easy to talk about purpose, passion, callings and strategy once you find it. Yet it seems to me that so many are still seeking it for themselves. If it is so easy to talk about how to uncover it, then why is it still coming up in conversations for some people over and over again?

How can you find your purpose without driving yourself crazy? Is it possible? What does it mean to follow your heart versus your head and how can you blend the two for even bigger success?

Join me on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 as I speak with Lisa Marie Jenkins about her upcoming book, Wake Up Beauty! It’s Not About the Prince and show you how you can take the next step in your life to become whomever you want to be. Replays on iTunes and Stitcher if you can’t catch us live! Live at 5pm ET/2PM  PT/22 GMT on the All Business Radio Network!



Lisa Marie Jenkins is an executive coach, author and founder of Lisa Marie Jenkins LLC – a consulting company specializing in feminine leadership.

Previously, Lisa Marie spent over 20 years at Fortune 500 hi-tech companies in senior sales and marketing roles.   During her IT career, she realized that passion, true connection, and purpose were often missing or hard to find in corporate life and she is now passionate about re-humanizing the workplace in order to foster greater creativity, success, and happiness.

Learn more or connect at LisaMarieJenkins.com