One Woman’s Journey From Tech to Helping Others with Intention – Pat Alva-Kraker

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Pat Alva-Kraker has dedicated her life to helping other’s learn the power of intention to transform their lives. She has written a beautiful book, Katherine’s Quest: One Woman’s Journey to Elation, to show how intention, in all we do, can make the journey through life one of, well elation.

Take a listen as Pat shares her journey and how you can begin adding intention into all aspects of your life. I had several big ahas when Pat shared a few questions she suggests we all ask ourselves and those we care about. The powerful one for me? Well, you’ll just have to take a listen and let me know which you think it is and what your answer is to the question.

Pat Alva-Kraker was known as an international IT project manager, and a community leader. A successful Latina woman working in two male‐dominated industries, IT and engineering. In order to be accepted, each morning Pat put on her two‐piece skirt suit with pumps; making decisions from her analytical side and
forfeiting her strong sense of intuition.

After a 35‐year career, Pat “woke up”, began her own journey of elation and donated 100% of her corporate “uniforms” to The Ladder Alliance and now chooses to live an empowered life.

Driven by the belief that personal elation, living according to your blueprint and connecting to your wiser self is a choice we make each day, she founded Majestic Coaching Group, LLC. Pat Alva‐Kraker has always had a passion for self‐mastery and assisting women become their best self.

Her company coaches and mentors women transitioning from IT, Real Estate and Project Management careers. Majestic Coaching Group LLC creates a safe and encouraging space where women can tap into and honor their intuitive self; expand their capacity to become stronger leaders; make a greater impact with their business; and collaborate with other like‐minded business leaders.

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