Sponsorship. Make it Work for Your Business

In Entrepreneur Master CLass by Laura


If you watch TV you have heard about sponsors. If you’ve ever gone to a sporting event or watched one on TV you’ve seen sponsorship in action but how do you leverage that in your business?  Why would a sponsor want to partner with you? How do you approach them and how do you decide how much and for what you need a sponsor? Meet Roberto Candelaria. Founder of Sponsorship Boot Camp and top sponsorship consultant who will answer those questions and many more so that you to can have sponsors in your business!

Join us on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 5 pm Eastern Time on Entrepreneur Master Class and learn the critical element that ultimately determines success or failure when seeking corporate sponsorships. Catch us on the All Business Radio Network and on Stitcher or iTunes!

Roberto C. Candelaria is an uncle, dreamer, and Disney kid at heart! He is also founder of Sponsorship Boot Camp and author of the International Bestselling book, Relationships Raise Money: A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship.

An in-demand Mentor, Trainer, and Consultant Roberto has worked with companies such as American Airlines, BMW, DELL, Enterprise Car Rentals, Hilton Hotels, Southwest Airlines, State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo, and Zappos – to name a few. A recognized industry leader, Roberto’s products and presentations have made him renowned, innovative expert. As one client recently said, “If you follow his plan, success is inevitable.”