Are you legally set for success?

In Entrepreneur Master CLass by Laura

Starting a business is fun. The excitement of building something new, landing clients, depositing the first checks and each one that follows and often even meeting the first challenge head-on and surpassing all the goals you’ve set for yourself and your business. It is easy to forget about dotting your “i” and crossing your “t” though because it can slow the process of success down. Or so you think. Without setting up a solid legal foundation for your business including business structure, contracts, HR and even web-based legal requirements you are adding a potential for your business to be challenged by a situation it cannot recover from.

My guest today is recognized as the person to have by your side if you are in business. He is my personal advisor, attorney and the man without whom I don’t sign a single piece of paper in my business.

Join us Wednesday, May 14th at 5pm Eastern on Entrepreneur Master Class as we discuss strategies and tips so your business will be legally set for success. We will discuss marketing and legal and how they relate as well as some other topics you won’t want to miss! If you can’t catch us live you can catch the podcast on Stitcher or iTunes!

Peter Hoppenfeld

Peter Hoppenfeld is widely recognized as the “go to” attorney and advisor in the representation of direct marketers, speakers, authors, information marketers, “thought leaders,” entrepreneurs and domestic and international training companies and their founders in all aspects of their legal and business affairs. Peter is a seasoned transactional, commercial attorney with direct marketing, internet marketing, distribution, licensing, marketing, branding and operational expertise.

On a daily basis, Peter helps authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders create effective marketing, merchandising and expansion strategies. His mission is to rapidly, smartly and strategically grow people’s businesses, reach and revenues. Peter’s been described as “a lawyer who understands marketing and a marketer who happens to be a lawyer”.