3 Questions You Need to Ask About Insurance

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Insurance to many is a necessary evil. Something we need to have to protect our homes, selves and businesses yet so often we purchase it without asking any questions or being asked questions about our lifestyles, business goals and dreams. My guest today is going to reveal the 3 questions you need to be asking about insurance of your broker and why. She will reveal the types of insurance you should have and what it all means. Wednesday, April 30th at 5pm eastern join me and my guest expert Helen Crockett as we take the mystery out of insurance. You can also catch the recording at Stitcher.

The Crockett Group Sept 2011 012

Helen Crockett

Prior to forming The Crockett Insurance Group, Helen Crockett has actively worked in the Vero Beach insurance industry since 1988. During this time, she has developed an expertise in coverages critical to the commerce of Vero Beach. Of particular note is her experience in agri-business and in construction. Few, if any, insurance agents share her in-depth knowledge of the complex coverages required in insuring the risks in today’s agricultural industry. When not leading the agents at The Crockett Group, Helen stays busy with children and grandchildren, volunteers with various charities, serves on the Board at Habitat for Humanity, and is active in her church. Phone: 877-562-9664 email her at Helen@TheCrockettGroup.com