Stopping Drama. Are you in?

In Entrepreneur Master CLass by Laura

Drama Queen. Hmm, wonder why we don’t have a phrase, Drama King? We’ve all heard the term. What everyone doesn’t want to talk about is how that person of drama impacts the workplace and the homeplace. Maybe that person is you or someone you know. Either way, recognizing how to defuse the drama can make a difference for everyone. Marlene Chism

My guest today is a successful entrepreneur who, having moved up from factory worker to in-demand management consultant and speaker around the world has unique insights on stopping drama. Cold. Her bestselling book, Stopping Workplace Drama is one of my favorites. So much so I quote her in my own book, What Would a Wise Woman Do? On my show Marlene is going to share tips and techniques everyone can use to stop drama in your business and your life and she will also share some wisdom she learned while moving up from the factory floor to the boardroom.


Join me on Wednesday, April 16th at 5PM Eastern with my special guest, Marlene Chism.


Marlene Chism is a professional speaker and the author of Stop Workplace Drama published by Wiley & Sons.  Her passion is building wise leaders, and helping people to discover, develop and deliver their gifts to the world.  Her websites are and