Telling Your Brand Story Doesn’t Have to Be Hard – Ira Gostin

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Learning how to tell the story of your brand is often the key to success yet it often feels like the hardest thing to do for many entrepreneurs. Perhaps it is the vulnerability that may come from sharing your creation story? Or perhaps the lack of clarity of what your brand stands for or who you created your brand to serve? Or maybe, it is as simple as you do not know how to put into words what you do?

Ira Gostin has been helping companies tell their brand stories for decades. First as a photojournalist and reporter and then as one of the top brand strategists. Along the way he has learned that sharing your story is a critical key to success and on this episode he shares key steps and questions you can ask yourself and staff to create your story and make a difference for your clients, your staff and your business.

Ira Gostin is a storyteller and has been since the age of seven. From his first foray into writing for his grade school, mimeographed newspaper to his critically acclaimed pizza review column in the Daily Forty-Niner newspaper in college, through his career with the Associated Press. Now, he helps companies tell their stories to their constituents.

He began his professional career as a photojournalist at the Associated Press with newspaper stops in Los Angeles and New Jersey. Following his journalism career, he continued marketing and communications work with companies in the industrial, medical and hospitality fields. Ira also works with up and coming business leaders, entrepreneurs and students through mentoring and teaching.

Ira’s home base is Reno, Nevada, with his wife Erin, adult children and two dogs (Buster and Yogi). He is a coffee aficionado, baseball, and Formula 1 racing fan and he and his wife travel the West with dogs and kayaks enjoying the outdoors.


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