Think Opposite – Alison Donaghey

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Have you considered the outcome before you take the leap? Truly thought about the cause and effect of your actions not just one step ahead but many? How your part in an action impacts you and others around you? How your experiences determine the paths you take?

My guest today has learned the hard way how cause and effect can change the course of a life. She also learned how to no longer make her life hard so she can move forward. On the show Alison shares how you can understand what is #MyPart and what your personal echo chamber has to do with your life.

Alison Donaghey is a Radio Host of The Alison Donaghey Show, Author of an international best-selling book Think Opposite: Using the Domino Effect to Change Your Business, Change the World, Speaker, and a Cause and Effect Strategist and will expand your mind in ways you didn’t think possible.

Her latest project is #mypart. Accepting our part in every single situation we find ourselves in which brings us to a place of true empowerment with the goal to see ourselves as part of humanity as a whole rather than dividing it into victims and victimizers, oppressed and oppressor thus moving towards understanding the inherent value of everyone.

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