The Business of Business and Publishing – Peter Hoppenfeld

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Anyone can start a business. Not everyone can run a successful one though. There is more to running a business than picking out a name and opening the doors. And there is much more to getting a book published than getting a contract with a big name publisher or even self-publishing.

My guest on this episode is Peter Hoppenfeld. His client list is a Who’s Who of global leadership, health and wellness and digital marketing. His clients have longevity because they listen, learn, grow and protect their businesses along the way.

Take a listen as my guest, and my personal legal adviser and literary attorney, shares what he tells his successful clients, how he has learned to take the fork in the road when it comes and how you can too.

Peter also shares questions you need to be asking when you start your business and when you are growing your business. We also discuss the changing face of publishing and how to protect your intellectual property when thinking about a book contract.

 Peter Hoppenfeld has been described as a “lawyer who really understands marketing” and “a marketer who happens to be a lawyer.” His approach to representing clients is a holistic approach that aims to bring peace of mind and direction to the business/legal issues that successful, dynamic entrepreneurs face on a daily basis.

As a lawyer, advisor, counselor, friend and devil’s advocate, he aims to integrate himself into his clients’ inner circles and provide caring yet dynamic contributions to their lives and businesses.

Check out this episode!