What is your MO when it comes to doing anything?

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Have you ever taken one of those personality or strength tests like Meyers-Briggs, Strength Finders or another in an attempt to understand what drives you and how you think? Kathy Tagenel says learning what makes you tick can make your business and life choices have a greater chance of success without all the drama.

What seems to be missing from several of the assessments is your action model. How you will make decisions and then take action. I don’t know about you but knowing that information would seem like it would have saved me a lot of pain in my career in corporate and as an entrepreneur.

My guest today is Kathy Tagenel and she is better known as Agent 99 to Bob Burg’s Maxwell Smart but anyone who knows her knows she is a force to be reckoned with in her own right. Kathy shares with us what conative strengths are, the power behind performance, and uses me as a guinea pig to explain my Modus Operandi (MO). Hint, she is eerily accurate!

Kathy Tagenel is an entrepreneur and business developer. She is the Chief Marketing Officer of Burg Communications, Inc. and president of Zoom Strategies, Inc., the marketing firm she started in 2004. Since 2008 Kathy has been working with Bob Burg to help build The Go-Giver Movement. Kathy’s background is in marketing, information technology, and management; her passion is working with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to help them develop and grow their businesses.

She received her B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University and her MBA from the University of Chicago. She started her own consulting business in 1999 and previously had worked for large corporations such as IBM, Ameritech and Verio. Kathy is an adventurer who loves to travel and boldly go where she’s never gone before! She looks forward to meeting all the amazing ambassadors of the Go-Giver movement.

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