Why Kindness is Good for Business

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Be kind. Remember the Golden Rule. Treat others as you want to be treated. Every heard those phrases? Growing up my parents and grandparents always said to me, “be kind, you never know what someone is going through.”

Nathan Caldwell has been studying kindness for a long time now and all his research shows that building a business where kindness is the foundation stone of everything you do wins every time. But how do you hire for kindness? How do you fire with kindness? Can you empower kindness and still make money?

In a world where everyone has a camera and everyone can post a comment on social media, kindness is not always the lead. Yet, the most viral videos tend to be the ones showing one person’s kindness towards a person or an animal. Why is kindness good for your business? Can you build kindness into your staff?

Take a listen as Nathan Caldwell shares how living a life of kindness not only makes you happier but can increase your bottom line if you are authentic in how you live it.

Nathan Caldwell has spent years helping others share messages and stories they are passionate about.

As a keynote director for executives, video marketer, evangelist, and a background as an educator directing theater, Nathan truly believes in the power of sharing your passion, finding your audience and inspiring them to do great things.

Nathan grew up in Canada and now resides in the Tampa Bay area. He is blessed with a wonderful wife and three weirdo kids. He loves theme parks, the Smoky Mountains, Christmas, comic books, and combining as many of those elements as often as possible.

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