140: Fr. Michael Boccaccio – Part 2 – Your Calling is Calling

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The response to Father Mike’s first appearance on my show last week was so huge, with so many questions people wanted to ask him, that when a guest had to reschedule I invited him back on.

On Part 2, we delve further into the types of callings, whether a calling is for life and what he meant by his pet peeve of people saying, “I am spiritual, not religious.”

I loved his question he posed, “How will I function as a person?” He also posed, “Are you avoiding who you are? He also shared some other questions to help us connect to our calling and to connect with our spiritual and religious sides.

Our discussion on renewing callings was a huge perspective shift for me. I had always thought callings were for life and did not require recommitment. In hindsight, well, just listen to the interview!

 Rev.Michael Boccaccio has been a Catholic Priest since 1971 when he could no longer ignore his calling to be a part of the Roman Catholic Church.

In a recent interview in The Hour Newspapers in Norwalk, CT, Father Michael says he does not believe in reincarnation. He is Catholic after all. But if, by some chance, he does come back in another life, he wants to be a seagull.

“I love flying, I love the sea, and I’d love to leave my signature on a few heads,”

This sentiment is, of course, a Boccaccio signature in itself. You will get a small slice of that irrepressible humor and “subtleness” on this interview with a man who has shaped my life for many years.

Now that he is almost retired, Rev. Boccaccio is traveling around the world bringing people closer to their faith through speaking at church missions and making people smile just by being himself.

Check out this episode!