193: Janet Schijns – Thriving and helping other women thrive in the world

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When you get a chance to interview a woman who has reached the top levels of the C-Suite in the tech world you grab it. I know I wasn’t going to finally pass up the opportunity to interview someone who set a goal and achieved it 1000-fold and then went back to heading up the consulting firm she founded with her husband. Mush wisdom to be learned.

Janet Schijns and I discuss the myth of the Glass Ceiling, how you can achieve the highest levels of success in any field, what stops people from getting where they want to go and how she has created high-performing teams from non-performing ones.

Want to know what Janet does each year to build her success network and how you can too? How about how she deals with people asking her questions that are only asked of women?

This is a not to be missed episode and Janet shares what she is doing with her latest venture to help women reach the top of the C-suite.

 Janet Schijns is the CEO of JS Group and a former C-Suite Fortune 500 executive with experience ranging from Verizon to Motorola to Office Depot.  She most recently was CMSO of Office Depot where she cracked the glass ceiling as the EVP of Merchandising and Services.  She is a visionary leader who through innovation and transformational plans gets real results.

Growth is her middle name – her clients regularly increase their revenues by more than 40% and achieve the highest levels of growth in market share in their categories. Janet has spent decades in the high-tech industry and has numerous industry channel awards to her name.

She has proven time and again that she knows how to achieve results in the channel and in the industry.  Known for her expertise in routes to market, branding, sales, channel programs and solution development she has worked with vendors, distributors and partners alike in a wide range of technology areas including Mobility, Services, Communications, Data, Cloud and advanced solutions.  She resides in Florida with her husband Roy and has two children Sean (a real estate investor and entrepreneur) and Ashlyn (a college professor). She can be found at www.jsgnow.com or on Twitter at @channelsmart

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