Are You a Robotic or Soulful Entrepreneur?

In Entrepreneur Master CLass by Laura

Entrepreneur Master Class

Being Authentic. That word gets said so many times when speaking about how people put themselves out in public. Does their public life mesh with their private life. Or, are they two different people. As entrepreneurs we are asked each day to represent our businesses and our lives and sometimes the two come into conflict.

My guest today is going to share with us how entrepreneurs can connect to and lead with their soul to create amazing businesses and lives that reflect their authentic selves.

Join us on October 15, 2014 at 5 PM ET/2 PM PT/22 GMT on the All Business Radio Network with my guest Tina Sacchi. Replays on iTunes and Stitcher!


Tina Sacchi is one of the nation’s foremost Holistic & Spiritual leaders. A best-selling author of My Spirit Is Not Religious: A Guide to Living YOUR Authentic Life, Tina is also the creator of some bestseller series of highly successful meditation and hypnotherapy audio programs and hosted an international radio show: Living A Spiritual Life with Tina Sacchi

Tina’s passion is to help people recognize and utilize their innate ability to self-heal on all four levels: spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Through fun, loving, motivating, and highly effective alternative healing techniques and her position as a spiritual leader, Tina has helped others release, resolve and heal limiting beliefs, as well as behaviors and patterns that no longer serve them.

Through her loving and caring guidance, Tina shows people how to find their inner truth, live their authentic life, make their transition to their own spiritual calling.  As a result, her clients are living a spiritually open and authentic life.

Through her practice, she offers intuitively guided private sessions, group workshops, classes, and retreats worldwide. For free meditation download, tools, tips, visit her website: