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Time. One of our most precious commodities next to our health. Time is finite in this reality. So how do we make the most of our time? How do we spend the time we have doing what we have joy and passion for while still getting the detail work done that seems to multiply right before our eyes?

My guest today is going to share with us how we can make more money in less time and she will also reveal the biggest mistake that keeps most online business owners feeling stuck, frustrated and over scheduled.

Join us at 5pm ET/2pm PT/22 GMT on the All Business Radio Network or catch the replay on iTunes or Stitcher anytime!

Deanna Maio, Delegation & Implementation Strategist and Speaker helps business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are doing too much figure out how to create the right plan, systems, and team to get more done, have more time, and catapult their income. 

Deanna is the creator of the Delegated to Done Formula and the co-author of GPS for Success with Dr. Steven Covey, Dr. John Gray, and Les Brown. She was selected as one of the 20 Best Business Coaches in 2013 by ClearSimpleMarketing.com and selected The Best of Portland 2013 and Business Management Consultant of the Year and was honored with the same award in 2014.

Deanna holds a certificate in Project Management from Portland State University; is a certified trainer for NetSpeedLeadership & Blazing Service, a certified Myers-Briggs Facilitator with 10 years experience using that tool with individuals, managers, leaders and team.

Given all that she has accomplished and as quickly as she has done it, it’s no wonder that Deanna believes time is our most precious commodity. She says, “Once a moment has passed, it’s gone forever. And if time equals money then in business we must be as productive as possible. Completing the work required as quickly as you can while achieving the desired result is critical to reaching our goals and delivering quality service and products to our customers.”

She recognizes that most businesses face daunting challenges as they grow. Failing to address these challenges, quickly, can have a devastating impact on performance and profitability. Deanna believes and teaches that if everyone in an organization has the right systems and tools to be productive, morale increases, attrition decreases, and profits go up.

With her entertaining teaching style and experience in organizations large and small, Deanna is a recognized leader in her field and she continues to innovate, create, and build new thought processes for making businesses more productive and even more profitable.

When she’s not teaching or coaching her clients you might find her singing 1940s swing with her band Deanna & the Downbeats, cooking healthy meals, or enjoying one of her many guilty-pleasure television shows with her boyfriend Tim.